Summer Fashion School – 1/6

Posted by on May 28, 2014

Summer Fashion School – 1/6

I regularly teach a weekly fashion school at The Spring for 11-16yr olds.

It’s something that I really enjoy, even if a class of 12 pre teens can sometimes be a bit of a gigglefest! :/

I was asked about the possibility of doing a one-on-one session with one of my students who is home-schooled just around the corner from me. This is a first but I was really excited to try a very different approach to teaching and having just completed our first of 6 sessions I throughly enjoyed it.

The time flied by which I can only take as a good sign!

Having recently undertaken my PTTLS teaching qualification I was able to apply some of the theories to my lesson plan. Over 6 weeks I will be working with summer on a complete project, my basic plan is as follows…

Week 1 Mood board, design concept & choices, basic collection design
Week 2 Final Fashion Illustration. Print design/surface decoration
Week 3 Finish surface decoration. Pattern cutting and garment construction
Week 4 Continued garment construction & finishing
Week 5 Styling & photoshoot
Week 6 Final presentation board creation and finishing off

My teaching style is relaxed and fun (I like to think) I like music on in the background (Summer’s choice of Kelly Clarkson) and we worked in my lounge at my coffee table and on the floor.

We managed to go over the plan for the 6 weeks, which got 2 thumbs up and a big old excited smile of approvement.

We then discussed illustration for a bit as it’s a mutual passion of both of ours… Summer loves anime and my illustrative work has a definite nod to that distinctive style.

We then looked at some fabric samples and begun to make moodboards. We decided on two as two styles were emerging. Both focused on nature and recycling. One had a more subtle palette and had a more ‘English country side’ feel to it, where as the other was much more tropical/jungle floral theme.

We then just had time to do a joint quick sketch of outfit choices which might make up part of her final collection.

She’s taken her moodboards & sketches home with her to see if she can come up with any more outfit choices and I’m excited to see what she come’s back with next week!

As for next week our plan is to create the finished fashion illustrations and start work on the applique design for Summer’s dress.

I will try and take some photos of the project as it progresses.

photo 2





  1. This sounds really great Ami, well done. X

    • Thanks Mary… Just about to post on week 2! 🙂

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