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Posted by on Dec 19, 2013

roll up roll up

So It’s now day 7 of my 12 days of Christmas and today I’m asking people to sign up to my mailing list.

I have been asked before about doing them, but never really got round to it.

They’re likely to be bi-monthly, if that… so fret not, I wont be bombarding your inboxes…

It’ll be a chance for me to share projects I’m working on. To give sneak peeks at events or new creations and there may even be a few giveaways along the way…. we all know I’m a fan of a give away! 😉

I think i’d also like to  give first opportunities to those on my mailing list, special discount codes and first dibs… The one thing I think I have enjoyed most doing this 12 days of Christmas is hearing someone say that I’ve made their day.

To be able to make someone smile with your artwork, with something you have created is something quite special. To be appreciated for your art and have other wanting to part with their money to take a part of that home is an incredible feeling and i have throughly enjoyed spreading some festive cheer!

This newsletter will also be a spotlight on things that are inspiring me, art and events I think you might like and just a little glimpse into the world of Mia Mai and what goes on behind the scenes.

So please, come share this adventure with me… you can sign up here!

oh…. and to sweeten the deal, how’s about as part of 12 days of Christmas, as the day seven giveaway, I put together a little Mia Mai jewellery & Christmas Card present to one lucky winner???

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