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Well, a little while ago I received an email from someone I used to go to Uni with.

She is now teaching at a local secondary school and had one student in mind when I received the following email –

“I have a wonderful student doing his GCSE fashion and he has just done an art piece inspired by you!! He found you online and nearly died of excitement when I said I knew you.
Would you come in for one of our lessons and draw with him or chat with him about his project?!?
If can work something out that’s be so good!”

Of course I said yes!

On Monday I popped down to surprise this lovely young man during his Textile class.

I was stood looking at the wall displays when he walked in, his teacher then said, “Rhys, looks who’s here…” and as I turned round this enthusiastic young man squealed with excitement (and shock haha) then once he caught his breath, turned and ran out of the room saying he was going to get his Art work…

Returning slightly shell shocked a little later he showed me through his work including some really good studies of my recent prints.

It was so humbling to see someone so inspired by my art, he was so excited to see me and it was infectious…. We talked though his drawings and collages and his ideas for his textile piece and I was able to offer my advice and little hints.

We also did a bit of drawing together and I sketched a quick portrait of Rhys for him to keep!

It was honestly such a fun experience and one I wont forget! I let Rhys choose one of my prints to keep and he also asked to keep my pencil which I loved… May it bring you lots of success young man!!

Rhys emailed me later in the day thanking for me for the visit –

“Thank you so much for coming in today it has been the best day ever for me so glad I met you, just a shame that it went to quickly can’t wait to see you again!”

What a cutie!

I also got a chance to chat to a few of the other girls in the class and hopefully I’ll be be able to get the chance to go back and see their end of year shows!

Here are a couple of pics I snapped of my visit!



  1. THANKYOU so much ami and you are such an inspiration to me and also my gcse’s so glad I met you. 🙂 x

    • Awww it was a pleasure Rhys…. Keep up the drawing and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!
      Ami x

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