Posted by on May 21, 2014

A little while back I worked with 12 kids from Priory School, an inner city struggling school. The project was part of a bigger project called Strong Voices funded by Artswork… the focus… getting young people into some kind of a cultural activity of some kind, getting their bronze art award along the way.

I was asked to lead the project, each young person would get a duffle coat which they could customise after an inspiration trip to the naval museum and behind the scene attic space.

Well, the project finished a while ago but today I got to watch the kids model their designs in a professional photoshoot on board the Victory at the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth. I also got to meet Mark Smith from Gloverall which was pretty cool…

It’s been lovely to see their designs evolve and grow and their designs are pretty cool, the Gloverall staff, in fact everyone was pretty impressed. Me… I was proud.

I’ll post some pics soon!

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