Posted by on Feb 5, 2014


It seems ages since I’ve checked in here. January has been a busy month for me…

Although I am still yet to do a website page on it, you may or may not know that I freelance teach creative workshops in my spare time and am currently in the midst of 2 exciting projects with the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth.

I’m doing a project with 14 kids from Priory Secondary school in Portsmouth looking at customising the humble duffle coat. The second is with 2 infant/junior schools in Gosport, Siskin & Gomer. We’re using naval uniform & ships badges as inspiration for a project called ‘who do you think you are’.

I’m enjoying immensely my time on these 2 projects and would ideally love to be able to just do freelance teaching along side Mia Mai.

I will (I promise) get round to updating the workshop page on the website some time soon. I have done so many projects I’m proud of that I want to share with you all.

And in the same breath, if you are a school, group etc who would be interested in hiring me for a creative workshop or event, just send me an email, I would love to help!

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