10/1/15 – Portsmouth University Website graduate spotlight

10/12/14 – Strong Island Competition article

25/11/14 – News Article on the WOTY Awards

10/10/14 – BFW Magazine

30/9/14 – Strong Island Article

29/9/14 – Published illustration in Style Me Vintage: Accessories Book by Naomi Thompson

26/9/14 – Woman of the Year Award Article in The News (Portsmouth)

20/6/14 – About My Area, article and photo on my Fashion School

20/7/13 – Article & multiple images covering the Fashion School Fashion Show which I teach at The Spring

24/6/13 – 2 Page editorial on Mia Mai in Ingénu/e Magazine

24/6/13 – Published illustration in Ingénu/e Magazine

17/5/13 – Community Column and image in The News (Portsmouth)

27/2/13 – Community Column and image in The News (Portsmouth)

1/10/12 – Community Column and image in The News (Portsmouth)

26/9/12 – Article & image about a craft project with Deryn Relph

14/8/12 – Article and images covering a kids craft workshop in The News (Portsmouth)

5/7/12 – Review and photos of my solo exhibition in The News (Portsmouth)

9/6/12 – Piece about my solo exhibition in The News (Portsmouth)

11/6/12 – Team Locals  article about Ink

01/06/12 – Mini bio and photo in the ‘Illustrators Corner’ in The Tallulah Times

01/06/12 – Full page published illustration in The Tallulah Times

26/3/12 – Article and photo on a school project in The News (Portsmouth)

01/3/12 – 6 page fashion spread of Mia Mai fashion in Mayhem! Magazine

4/12/11 – Southsea Me Post

02/6/11 – Article in The Chichester Observer about a project I was the artist on

16/03/11 – Article in The News (Portsmouth) about a project I was the artist on.

01/8/11 – 2 page editorial about Mia Mai in the ‘A design for life’ section of UPdate Magazine

01/03/11 – 2 page editorial in Think Magazine

01/07/10 – 2 page editorial in alt NOIR Magazine

01/05/10 – Full page article and images about the Making Space artists.

9/2/10 – Article and photo in The News (Portsmouth) about a HLF project I managed.

7/12/09 – Photo and a small article about a Craft Fair and the designers selling work.

19/11/09 – Article and Picture in The News (Portsmouth) about the HLF Project I managed.

1/09/09 – Article about Autumnal Fashion & image.

01/05/09 – Photo and mention on The HBC website as part of the May Days Art Trail

1/4/09 – Featured competition on

26/03/09 – Featured website and review on

1/02/09 – Full page published artwork in Scarlet Magazine

27/12/08 – Trend prediction article in The News (Portsmouth)

01/12/08 – Multiple published artworks as part of the ‘Cliterature’ section of Scarlet Magazine

01/12/08 – Full page interview & photo as part of the ‘Meet the guest Illustrator’ section of Scarlet Magazine

01/10/08 – 4 page fashion spread featuring HoneySuckly Nymph collection in Scot Campus Magazine

01/05/08 – Photo and listing inclusion as part of the May Days Art Trail brochure

5/4/08 – Full page & photo as part of the ‘THAT WAS THEN’ feature in The News’ Weekend supplement.

01/12/07 – illustration published in Scotcampus Magazine

11/08/07 – ‘A weekend word with’ feature and photo in the Weekend Supplement of The News (Portsmouth)

01/05/07 – 1/2 page advert/published illustration in Scotcampus Magazine

28/2/07 – Full page interview feature ‘a word with’ in The GUIDE 2

23/2/07 – Photo and review as part of The Guide about the Whitley Fashion event I helped to organise.

01/11/06 – Photo and article about the Enterprise Challenge in Entrepreneur Magazine

11/7/06 – 2 page fashion feature in The News (Portsmouth)

27/6/06 – Out of the Closet feature and photo in The News (Portsmouth)

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