New Mia Mai Lingerie Collection…

Posted by on Apr 16, 2014

New Mia Mai Lingerie Collection…

So as you may or may not know I have been designing a new collection this year of lingerie inspired by the collection above made in 2012. Last time I customised some plain shop brought bras I must admit and underwired bras are a little above my technical knowhow. This year I decided to make everything myself (expect no underwires) and I’ve discovered Pants are hard! haha….

I have plodded on though and I love it so… I like not having a design in mind when I start out… I literally play around with the fabric and the details until something sticks and i think, yeah, that’s really something special.

As with all I do, I use a mix of vintage materials, trims with haberdashery brought items and materials an clothes I’ve collected along the way. People have kindly donated me some incredible indian fabrics and clothes to cut up and recreate. It has forced me to look at colour in a new light, I tend to shy away from bright colours especially colours like pink, purple and green, but seeing these fabrics with their incredible surface embellishments, I couldn’t deny that they needed to be used.

As always I work in a non typical matchy matchy way…. I create separates that work together, cutting up old doilies and cushions to make bra’s, crop tops, knickers and fancy frilly shorts.

I have also made an effort to make a range of plus size stuff too…. Not that it’s really plus size but I’ve made things that will fit from a size 6 to 16…. I like that this will allow much more people to enjoy my creations and stress the importance that whatever your size you deserve to feel beautiful in some skimpy garments, whether its to seduce a lover or just whilst you’re dancing round the flat on your tod!

I have really gotten into the ethnic inspiration and have brought some traditional indian jewellery to compliment the collection. I’ve used pinterest to collect jewellery and garment inspiration which you can see here and here.

I thought it would be nice to show you some sneak peaks…. I cant wait to photograph it on human flesh…. that’s when it will come to life! Please elt me know your thoughts… I would adore some feedback!

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