D-Day Project

Posted by on Sep 1, 2015

D-Day Project

I am honoured to have been asked to get involved with this project… In the recent years lots of my big projects have had a really interesting cultural partner as an inspiration starter point. I have really enjoyed this style of working so was delighted when Making Space asked me to get involved with this project. What especially appealed was that this project was open for people who wanted to take part, a lot of the outreach work I do is with young people who half the time would prefer to be doing something else, and whilst I enjoy the challenge I was really looking forward to working with a creative group that wanted to be a part of something pretty special!

Now I must guiltily admit that prior to this project I had never visited D-Day museum. (which is shocking when you consider how close it is to my home) But i was so inspired. The museum is packed full of interesting, thought-provoking and fascinating facts and artefacts. And then there’s the Overlord Embroidery! Wow!! everyone should really see this, it’s incredible!

For my project we will begin with 2 inspirational trips to the museum. There are 2 dates, a mid-week and a weekend date. On these trips you’ll get a chance to sketch and photograph and doodle items which you are drawn too! If you have any personal memorabilia then please do use this as inspiration too!

After the trip there is then 4 days/8 sessions where I will show different techniques and assist you in creating beautiful layered experimental textile samples which are individual to you. Everything made over the course of the project will go on display at D-day Museum at an end of project celebration tea party!

Below is the flyer for the 2 initial Taster Sessions, then a second flyer with all the rest of the project dates on!

If you’d like to get involved then please drop into one of the taster sessions and let me know which other dates you are able to attend. There is a maximum participant number so I’d hate for you to miss out!

Over on the Making Space website there is more info about a second project with the amazing June Allnutt (who’s doing a customised Fashion series of workshops) and a FAQ that i created for the project!

I hope to see lots of you there! Ami x

A Stitch in Time Flyer loresASIT Project Dates

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