Mia Mai was launched in 2007 by Ami Lowman; a creative designer-maker based on the south-coast of the Uk, in the coastal town of Southsea.

Ami graduated from the University of Portsmouth in 2006 with a first class BA(hons) degree in Fashion and Textiles Enterprise and won the 2006 Enterprise Challenge which awarded start up funding and support for Ami’s new businesses.

Ami had an ambition to start her own company enabling her follow her interests and creative pursuits under the banner of Mia Mai. The business evolved over a decade with Ami venturing into the world of illustration, fashion & jewellery.

She continues to teach creative workshops under the name of Mia Mai but following her 2017 wedding to her carpenter husband Maxwell, Ami launched a new business Lo & Behold Bespoke, specialising in styling and bespoke design for bohemian weddings and events.

Ami still accepts some creative commissions through Mia Mai so please get in touch if you have something you’d like to discuss. This website is now used to document the work created by Ami and the achievements & projects she was involved with.



Photo taken by Jack Daly as part of the People with Passions project.