A Family Occasion

Posted by on Mar 3, 2014

So I spent the weekend doing something I enjoyed incredibly. I got to hang out with the family and create the most special nursery for my first ever niece. It was so lovely and meant alot to be able to do this for her and my bro and sis in law. Everyone loved it and the feedback so far has been fantastic. I would so LOVE to do more of this as part of Mia Mai…. Would you or would you know anyone who would be interested in commissioning something like this? How much would you consider paying? We had a few extra helping hands with this but finished easily in a day and half, so for me on my own, for a mural this size, you’d be looking at 2/2.5days…. Let me know, any advice on this would be much appreciated… I know what my standard day rate is, but I’m not sure if this would out me over budget for many people!? Anyway… lets share some...

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